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At Faber, we empower you to re-imagine a life beyond debt.

For over 25 years, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) across Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding cities have helped people settle and stay out of debt.

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At Faber, we’ve been privileged to help many individuals and companies during financial crisis.

Anonymous Avatar
Karen was absolutely amazing!
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Eyepoke Seventy-Seven Avatar
They will help you get your life back on track, while showing compassion at the same time. I felt that I was given all my options in a professional manner which helped me make an informed decision regarding my financial future. I feel like my dignity was handed back to me and I can finally see the light at the end of that debt tunnel. Highly recommended, I have had nothing but a positive experience from the first phone-call onwards. Thanks 🙏
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Eyepoke Seventy-Seven
Kristi Van Keimpema Avatar
Karen was so kind to me and incredibly compassionate. She listened and was patient. If I could give her 10 stars I would
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Kristi Van Keimpema

What Clients Ask Before Becoming Debt-Free

Do you have lots of questions running through your mind? To learn more about the right debt solution for your needs, please book your free information session with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs).

Not all debt solutions are created equal, and there isn’t only one way you can reduce your debt. Depending on how much you owe, we assess which solutions will help you become debt-free as soon as possible in the least amount of time. To get started, you should spend the minimum possible on essential needs, reduce your credit card use, and pay back more than the minimum amount owing.

One of the best approaches to eliminating personal debt is creating a repayment strategy. Most creditors are willing to negotiate the terms of repayment rather than losing out on the entire amount owed. They may reduce your interest rates, decrease the principal amount owing, and help set a reasonable payback schedule.

The fastest, most hassle-free way to become debt-free is to build a realistic budget. Figure out what you need to save to cover your living expenses while leaving room to pay back your debt sooner rather than later. A great way to speed up debt repayments is to restructure and consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment.

You can contact your creditor to see if they can write off your debt. If you require immediate debt relief, you should consider filing a consumer proposal with Faber. This way, you can stop a legal order, eliminate collection calls, and pay back less than what you owe.

All debt consolidation plans or repayments are removed from your record after two years of debt repayment.

Still Unsure Which Debt Option Works For You?

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each debt relief option. We’re here to help you make a confident and well-informed decision.

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