Turnaround Management Services

Most business owners have successfully navigated numerous challenges, but some challenges are best navigated with professional guidance. We provide business review and turnaround management services to provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decision and return to success.

Business Review
Business reviews involve an in‐depth review of a company’s financial position and the prospect of future business. This in‐depth review includes detailed analysis of a company’s financial situation; as it relates to both secured and unsecured creditors, operational analysis, quality of management, financial health, prospective business opportunities, and director’s liability. This analysis and reporting is the first step to identifying problematic situations for a company and potential restructuring options for the client and the other various stakeholders.

Turnaround Management Services
Turnaround Management is a process dedicated to corporate renewal. Our experts perform an analysis of financials, systems and processes and then formulate a strategy to help a troubled company become financially viable. This is a discreet, less formal process that is dedicated to corporate renewal. However, to effectively initiate a Turnaround, a company must be open to acknowledging its problems, considering changes and implementing a problem-solving strategy.