Calgary Layoffs

Oil and gas prices are translating to particularly rough times for the oil and gas workers affected even though drivers may be pleased to see the lower numbers on the signs outside their local gas stations. Given the economy’s reliance on this industry, particularly in Calgary and generally around the world, it is no wonder that the trend of falling oil and gas prices is impacting employment at a fast rate.

Falling Oil Prices Are Causing Massive Job Cuts

There have been thousands of jobs lost in Calgary, Alberta and beyond as a result of plummeting prices since June 2014 and this likely will continue through June of this year. Projections have estimated that up to 185,000 direct and indirect oil and gas industry jobs in the province could be lost.

Significant drops in oil prices have had obvious and continual effects on the industry in Calgary. In a one-year period, as of late last spring, prices had dropped more than 50 percent. Since Alberta was the job leader in Canada throughout most of the 2000s due to oil and gas, the staggering 14,000 jobs cut over one month in February 2014 was particularly upsetting. It was also unheard of since the 2009 recession.

Uncertainty in the Industry and More Layoffs Expected

Approximately half of the companies questioned expect to make additional reductions if low oil prices continue. Projections indicate that prices will not turn around quickly either, declining even further first before they eventually go back up. Gas has not been this drastically low since the recession between 2008 and 2009. Oil hit a record low in January in Canada at about $19 per barrel. This represents a near 12 year low. At these prices, it’s unlikely that many Canadian oil exports are making any profit. Sinking oil prices are also causing havoc by driving down the Canadian dollar.

Recommendations from the Royalty Review Task Force for the province on oil and gas industry were delayed by at least one month, adding to concern about the performance expected for the year. Thousands of oil and gas jobs have been lost since prices started to fall in June 2014. Capital spending dropped about $35 billion for the year between then and June 2015. There is also an effect on other industries across the country, which have contributed another 60,000 lost jobs.

Since the majority of Canadian oil and gas jobs are in Alberta, even provincial unemployment rates are affected and have increased over 2.5 percent. Finding employment in the industry has become much more difficult, particularly as workers are not retiring as early. Within one year, numerous companies said up to 25 percent of their employees were getting, or going to be, laid off. Experts say there will be changes in the industry, but the downward trend will not reverse itself until later than they originally thought.

Responding With a Debt Consolidation Loan, Consumer Proposal or Orderly Payment of Debts

When faced with this level of unemployment, Calgary residents can expect to accumulate more debt than usual. Options such as a debt consolidation loan, consumer proposal or orderly payment of debt can help through these difficult times and get back on your feet.

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