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Is your debt Personal or Business?

What is Consumer Debt?


The most common type of consumer debt comes from us living our day to day life. Credit Card debt gets out of control easily.


Debt is part of every day life for most people, and can be useful for personal growth as long as it is managed sensibly.


We work with you to help get your debt back under control. With our forward thinking debt solutions you can go back to living your life.

Faber has a team of experts ready to work with you in finding solutions and moving forward


At Faber, we have been privileged to have helped many individuals and companies during their times of financial crisis. Please have a look at what our previous clients have to say about us.

Sharlene Oliver Avatar
Karen literally saves lives & takes the shame out of the game. A true gem! Faber is lucky to have her. Thank you.
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Sharlene Oliver
Abdikarim Yalahow Avatar
Very Helpful, straight for ward
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Abdikarim Yalahow
Ryan Sheldrake Avatar
Very nice and non-judgemental. Helped me so far on getting my financial life back on track!
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Ryan Sheldrake

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